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A Great Feast for Mother Assunta Marchetti? But who is she?

26 settembre 2014

engMadreThere is a big celebration in San Paulo, Brazil: Mother Assunta will be declared Blessed! Mother Assunta is a very special person; co-founder of the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo-Scalabrinians, and today in a grand celebration for everyone, will become “Blessed”.

On the 25th of October, in the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Paul, the Catholic Church decided to remember her in a special way. But what has Mother Assunta done, that is so important? She was an Italian and was 24 years old, when she chose to leave Europe in the 1800’s, and travelled to Brazil to help the poorest among the poor. She went with great courage, seeking out the Italian immigrants who travelled the long sea route to reach America, in search of new hope for their lives. In fact, in Italy, many families were in misery and had no way to get out of it, other than by emigrating.